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Thursday, November 07, 2019

Caring for a Favorite Leather Jacket

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By Suzanne O'Connor

Back in the late 2000’s, I found a gorgeous, deliciously soft, black lambskin leather jacket by For Joseph at Shopaholic Sample Sales boutique for a ridiculous $89. Original retail, as I recall was around $389. Shopaholic Sample Sales are famous for their amazing fashion deals. Though it was an unplanned purchase, I was thrilled with my prize.

I wore the jacket everywhere. Parties, shopping, baseball games, evenings out and I loaned it to my daughter for headshots and special events.

I believe in caring for my stuff, especially leather goods since an animal’s life was given for me to have it. I kept the jacket cleaned and in a dust cover, but at one point I cleaned and conditioned it with a bad product and the jacket started cracking and discoloring.

I was heart broken, I screwed up my favorite jacket.

So I started looking around for a new one. First I couldn’t find the quality I wanted and I couldn’t find one I could afford. A $400-$700 unnecessary expense is not in my budget. Most brand name leather jackets I could easily afford came out of China at $99-$169. Though the Chinese have mastered leather tanning, (they brought in Italian craftsman back in the 1990s to learn the craft), I can still feel the quality difference.

Maybe that makes me a snob. Maybe that makes me unrealistic.

I decided to take my jacket to an expert…. Not the dry cleaners, but an expert on leather goods who was a perfectionist … Gary Barini.

Barini’s Leather makes high quality, hand crafted leather handbags, wallets, accessories as well as repairs and reconditions leather goods.

Fearing my jacket was kaput, I kept postponing taking it in. I hate getting bad news. But when I finally did, Gary assured me that he could not only repair and recondition my leather jacket, but it would be better than new.

I am so relieved and am eagerly awaiting getting back my jacket back in a few weeks.

Gary at Barini’s Leather. He’s THE guy… the craftsman you want!

Barini’s Leather
12210 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 506-5422

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