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You got questions? We got answers! Here are most Frequently Asked Questions on BargainsLA.

How do you find your sources?

Suzanne finds her bargain sources through online research, emailed leads, newspaper articles, Social Media, recommendations, classified advertisements and simply driving around the city. Each brick and mortar store is personally visited, incognito of course. If we like what we find, we review it. If the outlet doesn’t meet or expectations, we don’t review it.

Why join the mailing list?

By joining our mailing list you will receive our weekly e-newsletter filled with new editorial reviews, updates and tips as well as Bargain Alerts for details on extra special sales events. Our subscribers also often get additional discounts and perks. You also get the information first.

How can I join the mailing list?

Click on the Sign Up Now link found on the bottom footer of every page.

What is a Bargain Alert?

A Bargain Alert is a one time Sales Event where the savings are 20%-95% off. Deals so great, you got to know! Sign up on our Subscription Help Page to be in the know!

Do you share or sell your Mailing List?

Absolutely not. Never. No Way. Period. Please see our Privacy Policy for details.

Can I remove my name from the mailing list?

Yes. At the bottom of each email there is an “unsubscribe” link with instructions. Either click it or copy and paste it to your browser. You will be removed from the list. Boo hoo.

Can I ask Suzanne a bargain related question?

Of course! You can send a her a message through the Contact Us page or ask on our Facebook page

Can I copy a review and publish it in my blog?

Please do not copy/publish text without permission. Copyright laws do apply. If you want to link to an article on BargainsLA .com, that is fine. But please, do not plagiarize.

How do I use the on site search engine?

You search for Outlets and Sales by region, city or area, category, store name, brand, or any combination of these to narrow the results down.

How do I submit my business for editorial review.

Send business information thru our Advertise  page. Include a contact name, product description, brands, savings range and HOW you get your product and HOW you’re able to discount.

How do I submit my sale for inclusion on the Hot Sale Events page?

Send detailed Sale information  thru our Advertise page. Include a contact name & email, product description, brand names, savings range, 5 good quality pictures, price points, forms of payment accepted and any other details for review. We often ask questions so check for a reply email. Without detailed information, we may not post your sale.

How do I contact Suzanne for media interviews or speaking engagements?

Contact Suzanne on our Contact Us Page.

Any other Questions that are not on our Frequently Asked Questions on BargainsLA page?
Submit them here: Contact Us Page