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Sample Sales

Sample sales

Sample Sales are how fashion designers, showrooms and distributors unload excess, end of season and past seasons inventory. Pricing should be at 50-90% below retail.  Most designer Sample Sales still happen in big coastal cities, like Los Angeles and New York at showrooms and warehouses. But you’ll also find them online and through 2nd party Sample Sales companies like 260 Sample Sale.

True Designer Sample Sales are loaded with manufacturer sample sizes as well as samples of product that didn’t go into production. For most these, sizes are small to medium, (sizes 4-10). Sample pieces are not always first quality. Some are, but you’ll find mock ups, irregulars and seconds (used in the design process) thrown in. These are usually the steepest discounted pieces. Savvy shoppers should examine each of these items carefully. Often they are constructed well enough to wear.

2nd Party Sample Sales are sales where a 2nd party takes a cut of the sale price. Typically these sales are priced at 40-70% below retail instead of usual 50-90% off retail when the sale is run by the manufacturer. These companies take a percentage cut of each sale. After all, they have employees, rent, marketing, website, taxes and insurance costs just like any other business.  Their service makes it easier for manufacturers to unload excess product without the added aggravation  and cost of putting together the sale.

All manufacturers have to unload their Samples. Public Sample Sales are an established way to do that benefitting both the shopper and manufacturer. Smart fashion mavens have known this for decades.

The most important caveat when shopping these types of sales, is there are no returns or exchanges at these sales whether they are online or in-person. Most take Cash, CC or a payment app.

These days, most Sample Sales have a wider range of sizes since they are liquidating past season product. However some still do not allow try ons. So a measuring tape is a good bet at these sales to ascertain fit.

These types of sales are a great way to get designer merchandise at a fraction of the retail price.

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