Amazon Outlet

May 11, 2019

If you’ve ever gotten sucked into shopping the maze of items on Amazon, you may have already been on their outlet.

Here you can find a huge mass of overstock products from10-60% off original asking. I didn’t see a lot of Amazon Prime products, but there were some.

You can shop by category, Prime only, Best Sellers, New arrivals, Sales and Special Offers.

I shop in Todays Deals first.
Here I found Blink Outdoor Home Security Cameras for $69-$299. A Flex hose for $21.99 instead of $32.99 and some Argan Oil for $10.18 instead of $14.98.

But as you can imagine, there’s a ton of product all through this area.

In Beauty I found $5 off Crest White Strips
In Clothing I found a Twins Dream Children’s Leather jacket for $20.99 instead of $79.99.
In Kitchen I found an Imperia Pasta Maker for $47.99 instead of $89.99.
In pet Supplies I found 30& off pet water bowls.

I believe if you’re a regular Amazon shopper they’ll push product at you they think you’ll like / buy in each category, since they log your browsing & purchasing history.

I will shop this section now first when I shop Amazon.

Visit Site: Amazon Outlet