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The Joy of Bargain Shopping

Live better for less. The joy of bargain shoppingJoy of Bargain Shopping.

May 16, 2019

It isn’t just about saving money. For avid bargain hunters, it’s also about beating the system and knowing you can ALWAYS find what you need for less without giving up on quality. You can live better for less! That’s the Joy of Bargain Shopping.

There’s a lot of comfort and power in that simple idea.

Need new shoes for work… yes you can find quality designer shoes for the price of a cheap copy.
Need a new tablet? Yes, you can find one for less than retail.
Bed sheets fraying? Bargain hunters know where to go, what they should look for and what they should pay.

The Joy of Bargain Shopping is about living better for less. Not giving into all the hype in the retail marketplace. Bargain shoppers are armed with knowledge, resources and the willingness to hunt. They know that they can have the best for less.

They also know that bargain hunting can be fun and much more satisfying that regular retail shopping.

Imagine budgeting $1000 for Holiday shopping and only spending $400. How about a kitchen remodel budgeted at $22000, but only costing $13000. Perhaps finding a wedding dress for $500 instead of $2500. Maybe you need a new gas range but pay $2000 instead of $5000 or a washer & dryer for $500 instead of $1800? These kinds of savings are realistic to savvy bargain hunters.

Saving real money can be life changing. You’ll have more money for retirement, college tuition, medical bills or even be able to afford a vacation, when you couldn’t otherwise.

Once you realize you don’t have to play the game, full price retailers want you to play, you’re given the freedom to decide how, when and what you’ll spend your money on. You’re in control.

What a concept! Yes you can live better for less.