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Silverlake Flea Market

Silverlake Flea Market

June 09, 2024

The Silverlake Flea Market is a delightful shopping experience with an eclectic selection of new, vintage, brand-name, and indie clothing, collectibles, and accessories at 10-50% below average Market Pricing.

This smaller, fun Flea has a terrific, curated selection of vintage fashions from the 1960s through the mid-2000s in a couple of dozen booths. But, what makes this Flea so wonderful is it’s open on Fridays, a weekday!  And it’s easy to shop in just a couple of hours.

Most booths had $10 racks which we went through voraciously. There are lots of graphic tees, tops, jeans, dresses, shorts and lingerie. I spotted a rack of vintage Ed Hardy tees at $25-30. Market value is $35-45. Across the way, was a Deb lace and denim blouse in mint condition at $25 instead of $35. In another booth, some fun and funky vintage sunglasses were only $10. A lace & gingham tiered mini skirt was $10. Some men’s leather cowboy boots were $80. I also spotted a full-length leather coat  from the 1990’s for $50. It should be priced at $75-100… and it was not dried out or blotchy.

Some indie boutiques/ designers booths were here too adding to the eclectic experience.
The RebelFlow booth had some amazingly cute items. A new crotchet red mini skirt was $38.  A pink lace mini dress was $25 and a corseted puff sleeve white top was $20.
I had a great giggle at the Freddy Tyler Paul booth with new original designs in graphic tees, tops and bottoms at $29-45. My favorites were “You Entered the Friend Zone” and “ I Met My Fiancé in the Costco Check Out Line”. These tees would retail at $42 +.
The London Manor booth was popular with some 14kt Gold fill rings at $45. An Oval Amethyst ring was $70. A stainless steel old head bracelet was $65 and an oval link, 14kt, gold-filled bracelet was a good deal at $45.

It was a delight to walk around, browse and chat it up with these entrepreneurial resellers. Plus I love shopping out-of-the-ordinary, unique wares at reasonable prices found here.

Definitely “pop in” to this Flea Market!  Easy, well-priced and unique! I’m heading back on Sunday!

Silverlake Flea Market
1911 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

(323) 467-0623

Open: Friday-Sunday- FREE
Fr. 10a-3:30p
Sat. 8:30a-3:30p
Sun. 9:30a-3:30p

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