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On Cloud 9 Home Decor Outlet

On Cloud 9 Home Decor Outlet

April 22, 2024

On Cloud 9 Home Decor Outlet has discounts of 20-55% on new, curated home decor items from Target.
Shopping at this small, off-beaten-path outlet is a very different experience. Target outlets are common these days. But this outlet curates their inventory for the best items, so you have a choice selection of home decor. No wadding through the junk. There were rugs, bedding, artwork, lighting, bathroom curtains, furniture, gift items, storage, tabletop linens, and more here.

I was, however somewhat surprised by the nondescript location. Not a storefront or warehouse, but an office space in an older building.  Don’t let their nondescript location fool you. There is plenty to peruse in this small space. Since the outlet space is limited, they also have an off-site warehouse where they bring in new product several times a week.

The deals here are solid. Everything is new and most are in the original packaging and product moves quickly.

During my visit, I spotted an Opal House shower curtain for $15 instead of $25.  A Casaluna white, waffle shower curtain was $18 instead of $30. A French Country manual mirror was $60 instead of $75. A full body Easel Mirror  (Sold out at Target) that was $95 is $70. A Jute 5 x 7’ rug that was $120 is $80. Some throw pillows were $10 instead of $20-30.  A Mod table lamp that retails at $90 is $30An Opal House poof that was $100 is $65. A floor lamp that was $180 is $11 here. Some modern velvet chairs that retail at Target for $250 each are here at $190… and you don’t have to assemble them!

While I was noting the deals, a group of 4 came in and started enthusiastically shopping.  So I concentrated on the wall of bedding while they shopped. A King Casaluna comforter that was $150 was $100. A gold velvet full/ queen quilt w/ shams that was  $90 is $55.  A Full/ Queen grey comforter that was $90 is $55. A Threshold king striped comforter is $100 instead of $150.  Some Casaluna queen knit throws were $45 instead of $75 and a white linen, Casaluna comforter that was $130 is $85 here.

Other deals included some landscape artwork at 2 for $55 instead of $90 each.  Some Studio McGee abstract art was $47 instead of $65 and a large floral abstract was $55 instead of $100.

Two lovely sisters, run this start-up. Charming and eager to please, they make shopping here a fun, pleasurable experience. They happily hunt for deals for you too.

Save money, make some new friends, and find affordable decor at way below affordable pricing!

Plus they do Live Flash sales on Instagram… where the prices go even lower!

Yep, I’m in!

Cloud 9 Home Decor Outlet
8415 State St.
Southgate, CA 90280
M-Sat 10am-4pm. (Sunday afternoons soon to come)

Cash Only …right now.


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