The Joint Revisited

February 20, 2020

Visiting a chiropractor can get expensive if it’s not covered by insurance. That was why I initially went to a place called the Joint back in 2015.

A 2015 Frugal Bugle winner, the Joint are Franchised Chiropractic Clinics that are individually owned with licensed chiropractors.

It may seem implausible, but the Joint has gotten even better! The pricing is more than fair with their introductory offer on your initial exam, consultation and adjustment at just $29. Single visits after that are $39 each or they have several plans which reduces the cost per visit. Considering I’ve paid $60-$120 a visit at other Chiropractic Offices, that’s a bargain.

You won’t get heat packs, massages or any extras here. Don’t need to strip down. Just wear comfy clothes. Just an adjustment based on your bodies needs.

On your first visit, they’ll ask you where you’re having pain or difficulty, if you’ve ever been injured and other health related questions pertaining to body use & alignment. They keep good records so you can go to any location and they’ll know what’s been done.

I went in with several issues back in 2015. Then I needed multiple visits a week. Now I only go in every 2-3 weeks for maintenance. I feel stronger, more relaxed with no pain.

The Joint offers multiple plans that are both affordable and convenient if you need to go in regularly.
For Adults, 4 visits a month are $69 a month. If you need to go more they are just $10 a visit.
They just started a new plan where you pay $19 a month and every visit is $15. Super if you only need to go twice a month.
They also have a Kid’s plan (17 and under) that is $39 a month for 4 visits a month. If they need to go more they are just $10 a visit.

The Joint is also very convenient with 39 locations in Southern California. Plus you don’t need an appointment. You just walk in!

This is a great affordable way to maintain your health and physical well being without breaking the bank. I’m a fan!

The location I visit:
The Joint
350 N. Glendale Ave., Glendale, CA 91204
(818) 668-3299
Dr. Andrew Haig, chiropractor/ owner