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November 4, 2017

As we design our drought tolerant, California friendly yards, we’ve run into some issues at local nurseries. The biggest issue was the staff at standard nurseries, though reasonably helpful, didn’t know enough about cactus, succulents, grasses, natives and other drought tolerant shrubs to help us design a garden that would really work for the long term. How big do they grow, how invasive are they, how do they propagate and what kind of long term care do they need, are they poisonous, etc.

Thankfully we discovered World Wide Exotics. Not only do they know everything on drought tolerant perennials, but they sell these plants at about 15%-35% less than anywhere else.

Owners, Ken and Shelley Jennings have been collecting, growing and propagating Drought Tolerant Perennials from all over the world for almost 20 years. Their collection consists of over a thousand different species from the dry, desolate deserts to the humid tropical rain forests. Tropicals, Sub-tropicals, Flowering Perennials, Cacti, Succulents, Bulbs and even Water (Bog) plants!

The staff here knows the names of the plants by their common as well as scientific names. I found a bunch of 2-3ft tall Pony Tail Palms for $25 each. These were $29 at a nursery in San Gabriel. A 6 ft Pony Tail Palm was $300. I just priced it at a wholesale nursery at $350. I also picked up a 15 gallon, 3 ft tall Aloe Marlothi (Bumpy Aloe) at $25 since I had seen the same size at $39 at another nursery. On average, 1 gallon potted plants were $5.99, most 15 gallon plants were $15.99, with some exceptions for harder to find and slower growing. But all the plants were on average 15%-35% less than elsewhere.

This spot is great if you have a specific problem for a specific area. We were looking for a drought tolerant shrub/ tree that would grow to at least 6 feet (for some privacy issues) and would do well in shade. Owner Shelly show’d us 2 different plants that would work. I picked up a Cestrum Purpureum , (Purple Shrub Jasmine) for $5.99 and was warned that the berries are poisonous. It was perfect for the spot we needed a plant for.

They do offer landscaping services from making suggestions to your existing garden, pruning and soil amending or do a full re-design. And they’ll teach you what you need to know about your plants.

The best part here was the selection… thousands of unusual drought tolerant plants to choose from to give your garden a great look and feel. Plus you get real information from people who are passionate about them.

Love this place!

Worldwide Exotics
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