Wine Tasting & Mexican Food

May 23, 2018

An evening out doesn’t have to be expensive. So when some friends wanted to get together, eat and do some wine tasting, I knew exactly where to go.

First stop, Guisados in Burbank.

Located in Downtown Burbank, this Authentic Mexican joint serves up the best Homemade Style Mexican food, I have ever eaten anywhere…. Including in Mexico.
The Tacos are distinctively amazing!! At $2.95-$3.25 they’re easy on the wallet too. My favorite is the Steak Picado, but all of them are stellar. They also have Vegetarian fare and deliver. So good, so perfect, you’ll delight in every bite.

It’s a simple, hipster atmosphere here. No pretense. You order at the counter and they bring it to your table. Though it first appears like a fast food type place, it’s not. The friendly service and food is so much better.

This family run business has 5 locations in Boyle Heights, Echo Park, DTLA, West Hollywood and Burbank. Great for adults and kids.

Two doors up the street is The Urban Press Winery. We first heard about Urban Press because the Sommelier at Costco recommended it. Yep, the guy we ask questions of every time we go in. We were not disappointed

Wine Tasting here is only $15 with 5 tasting, 3 whites and 2 reds from their beautifully blended artisanal wines. The pours are a decent size about 1/3 of a glass. The service is thoughtful and not rushed. Our server kept a watchful eye on how low our glasses were, where the break in conversation was before pouring. He also gave us the inside scoop, notes and grapes on each wine served.

Wine can be bought by the glass at 8-$15 or by the bottle $18-$35. Their glasses are good pours in good sized stemware. But the real deal is the wine tasting.

We sat around talking, laughing and sipping some delightful wines for over 2 hours. It was good we had eaten before we tasted the wine. Allowing us to enjoy the wine without getting tipsy.

There’s plenty of seating here in an elegant, yet hip atmosphere. There’s also an outdoor patio and an upstairs room for more private affairs.

Good service, good wine, fair pricing, cool atmosphere and great peeps made for an outstanding evening. We left at just after 8pm, when it was starting to get very crowded. So the word is out on this place..

I love the ease of going out here. Free 2 hour parking, (though we were there much longer), fun atmosphere and two affordable places for those of us that love food & wine for less.

312 N. San Fernando Blvd., Burbank

Urban Press Winery
316 N. San Fernando Blvd., Burbank