Vertigo Outlet

April 1, 2013

Researching downtown can be a drag, but it has it’s benefits. When one bargain source is impossible to get in to, you can find another pretty fast, often by just walking a block or so. That’s how I happily stumbled into the Vertigo Outlet.

This outlet looks like a boutique. But it’s is an official Vertigo Paris outlet … and the prices are 50%-90% below original retail on first quality, in season and past seasons women’s apparel.

One of my all time favorite labels, Vertigo Paris isn’t often seen at discounters. So finding a large outlet store with tons of beautiful product is a gleeful experience.

Famous for their great fitting women’s fashions, Vertigo makes high quality fashion. There is no junk here, just rack upon rack of quality, gorgeous product at some sweet pricing in sizes XS-XL. Highlights included a bold print lightweight knit tunic that was $78 instead of $290. A sheer pink Vertigo tunic is $65 here, instead of original $140. White denim capris were $55 instead of $170. A silver knit cardigan was $55 instead of $160. An edgy tie dyed top was $60 instead of $130. A sequined tunic dress was $55 instead of $120 and a knit “Missoni like” top was $49 instead of $120. A pair of leopard print jeans were $98 instead of $210 and Vertigo Collection black jeans were $59 instead of $98.

They had about 4 long racks of different (7) styled fashion track suits at stupidly low prices. One set was $50 instead of the original $280, another lighter weight set was $45 instead of $200. Steals for the quality.

Further back in the store were racks of showroom samples at $24-$45. A Spring floral rayon dress was $35 instead of $150. A pink crotched top was $35 instead of $88. Some grey dress lacks were $45 instead of $170, An off the shoulder cocktail dress was $45 instead of $180. A silk blouse was $59 instead of $159.

Working professional have a lot of choices here with plenty of suits, mix and match jeans, trousers, jackets and blouses. A black, belted pant suit was $400 is here at $95. A silk color block dress was $98 instead of $210. A taupe pants suit was $140 instead of $280.

Most items have the original MSRP on them and the outlet price, a few don’t so you’d have to ask the nice sales team, they are here and eager to help you if needed. There’s good lighting, good dressing rooms and mirrors with a center seating area make it easy to shop with friends. But like most outlets all sales are final.

If want a great discount shopping experience on high quality stylish fashions, don’t miss this super hot spot for great deals on women’s designer clothes. You’ll score great buys on great fashion pieces! My new favorite!

The Vertigo Outlet
1326 Santee St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015

(213) 747-2704

Cash/ CC.
Street metered parking/ pay lots.