The Long Beach Antique Market

March 31, 2014

On the Third Sunday of every month, The Long Beach Antique Market happens at Veterans Stadium on the Long Beach Community College Campus.

Packed with hundreds of vendors, (over 600 on this last visit) you’ll find everything from Victorian treasures to Mid Century furniture and jewelry to re-purposed/ distressed items at prices that average 30%-60% below market retail.

Like all Flea markets, knowing your product and dickering is the key to getting a bargain. The dealers here range from professional wholesalers and collectors to retail antique dealers or stand alone jobbers.

As you walk thru this huge flea you’ll notice some first offering prices are a whopping bargains…. Like the vintage linen pieces dealer that has piles of linens starting at $1 and vintage clothes starting at $3. Here there were partial pieces as well as whole, perfect items. Just need to rummage to find them. Then there’s a smaller dealer who offered at vintage wrought iron horse house bell at $40 and then immediately went to $26 when we hesitated. The temptation was too great and we happily bought it. Retail would have been $100+!. We passed on a 1920’s wooden patio lounger for $65 (in good shape) but then saw the same chair in worse condition on the other side of the market at $150. I spotted more than a handful of unique dealers that took old items, barn doors, car bumpers, fencing etc. and repurposed them into something more beautiful or useful.

The market had plenty of vintage apparel dealers, more women’s then men’s. A few had starting prices at $1-$3 most had pricing at $15-$150, depending upon the item and it’s condition.…. A good 20%-50% below anything comparable in Los Angeles outside of a thrift store. However, try on areas seemed hard to come by or at best, behind a dealers rack.

Most dealers here were knowledgeable, friendly and sweet. We also found that as the clock near 2pm, dealers were willing to dicker on the price more. But there were a few dealers that were asking way too much.

I was really taken back by the overwhelming selection from large architectural items to teeny tiny doll buttons. It’s all here! Plan on staying 2-3 hours.

This Flea Market is sooo much better than The Rose Bowl in both price and selection. This is a great place to come for a day entertainment, antique bargain shopping and cultural education…. A bargain at $6!

One of my all time faves!

Entry is $6 from 6:30am-2pm
Early admission is $12 from 5:30am-6:30am
Some vendors take Credit cards, but all take cash.

Discount admission tickets are available here:

Long Beach Antique Market
4901 E Conant St., Long Beach, CA 90808
8am - 3pm on the Third Sunday every month- rain or shine
Free Parking

Take a cart if you really plan to shop, a hat, water and some walking shoes.
If you plan on purchasing large items, take a truck.
There is an overpriced snack bar… but they serve beer!
Next Sale 4/20/14