The Guess Factory Outlet

August 19, 2016

Like bargain basement prices? Then you’ll totally dig the Guess Factory outlet.
A quick visit at this downtown Factory Outlet for Guess had me oohing and aahing at the prices. $5, $10, $15 on almost everything in store in men’s and women’s shoes, jeans, shirts, dresses, tees and more… all at 50%-95% off.

But it’s a bit deceiving here…. In an odd way.

Everything here is re-tagged with the outlet tags… pricing everything at a MSRP of $30. Though I know that Guess is not the high end label it used to be, there was a lot of product here that should have retailed between $48-$100. But every tags said $30. Not sure what’s up with that. If you know what you’re looking at, you be able to pick out the higher quality items quickly…. And there’s a good amount

Product is last years and seasons past, discontinued, irregulars, damaged and a few customer returns. Most items were perfect, but everything here should be tried on.

Still it took a heck of a lot of self control not to buy anything. I spotted some really nice western cut women’s shirts at $10 that probably retailed at $48-$94. Some Guess 1982 skinny jean was $15 instead of $80. Women’s skin tight strapless dresses were $10 that retailed at $78-$98. Butterfly tops were $7.50 instead of $29.

Guys tees ran $5-$10. Men’s LS shirts were $10-$20 that would retail at $59-$90. Men’s jeans were $10-$15 that would retail at $65-$98

Some women’s high wedge sandals were $10 instead of $110. A pair of pony skin, zebra stripped pumps were $10 instead of $110.
… again the tags all say $30. But that not true.

There was a smattering of kids items here as well mostly priced at $10.

Though a good outlet I didn’t like this outlet as much as the old Huntington Park outlet. I couldn’t find any of their high end product. But the deals here are still sweet!

This place was super busy on a Friday afternoon… and parking is on the street… where you will have to seriously hunt for a spot and then walk to the entrance which is by Gate 3.

I’d pop in here every few months to bag a deal or two.

Guess Factory Outlet
1901 E. 15th St., Door is by Gate 3
Los Angeles 90021
Cash/ CC