Sunland Produce

September 9, 2016

In our family, I don’t normally do the grocery shopping. Mostly cause I do enough shopping for everything else ….and I am a lousy cook… really. I married a man who likes to cook and is good at it making everything from homemade Asian stir fry to roast beef and potatoes.

I am a big fresh fruits and vegetables eater and have always wanted to stop into the Sunland Produce Company in Sun Valley. So taking my personal grocery shopping expert, (hubby) along, we both went out to Sun Valley to shop this independent market.

We were not disappointed. In fact it was a delightful surprise.

First it’s really clean and well organized with a service deli, large produce and meats section, beer & wine as well as a good amount if ethnic foods in Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Indian and Mexican foods. There were also a lot of the items you see at Ralphs and Vons etc. So you can get a lot of your shopping done here, for less.

The pricing here was really good. Anywhere from market retail to 50% less, with most items priced 10%-30% less than the big chain stores. We got out with 4 bags of food for less than $23….. ya really and without using coupons.

First lets talk about the produce. It was fresh and very well priced. Part of the allure is that Sunland Produce grows much of the produce they sell. So it really is, farm fresh.

Broccoli was 49 cents a lb (Ralphs was 99 cents a lb.). Nectarines were 49 cents a lb. (99 cents at Ralphs). Golden delicious apples were 49 cents a lb ( 99 cents at Ralphs) . Iceburg Lettuce was 3 for $1 (99 cents ea at Ralphs). Whole Walnuts were $3.29 a lb. Watermelon was 24 cents a lb. Bosc Pears were 79 cents a lb. Large Gala Apples were $89 cents a lb. and 3 Romaine hearts lettuce for $1.49 (Ralphs was 2 for $5). Some seedless Flame Grapes were 99 cents lb. and yellow peaches were 79 cents a lb., (Ralphs special was 99 cents). Round Green beans were 33 cents a pound. Raspberries were 99 cents a box.

But we found a lot more good buys that that.Mexican Coca Cola (Made w/ cane sugar, not corn syrup) was 79 cents a 500ml bottle. Extra Lean Ground beef was $2.99 a lb. Zulka (Polish) Pure Cane Sugar was $1.99 for a 4 lb bag. Fosters Farms Cooked turkey breasts were $1.99 a lb. Malwa Camomile tea ( 25 bags) was just $2.19… I regularly pay $3.49 to $3.99 for camomile tea. Nice long French Bagettes were just 79 cents each. Bulgur Wheat was here at $1.09 a lb. Provolone Cheese was $2.49 a lb. Richer Sesame Oil was $1,79 for 6 oz.. Sedona Pasta (several types) were 79 cents a bag. And Eves Prepared Humas in assorted flavors was $2.69. But, if you bought one, you got another one FREE!

There are foods they don’t have that are common at chain markets. But you’ll find an amazing array of different, but the same, items here for less.

Check out was fast & easy cause every checker was open. Shopping here was fun and we saved a bunch. It’s a bit out of the way for us to go to. But now that we know, we’ll come by once every 3-4 weeks and load up… It’s well worth the effort! They post their specials online, so you can check before you head out.

Sunland Produce
8840 Glenoaks Blvd.
Sun Valley, CA 91352
(818) 504-6629.