Laura Burke Photography

March 10, 2017

I’m always struggling to get extra cash. The biggest culprit of this struggle is my daughter. Kids are expensive… and the older they get the more expensive they get. I’m doubly burdened and blessed as I am a parent of an actress. Her path to success is rather expensive with ongoing acting classes, reels, websites and headshots.

Head shots for an actor are seriously important. They are your calling card, your first entrance into the casting process. Something special about you has to show up in your headshots as casting directors will only give it a quick glance before they move on. So you can’t just go out and get cheap shots. Like all bargain shopping, what you are looking for quality at a bargain price.

Laura Burke Photography fills that description. A professional photographer for 21 years, Laura’s photographs actors, models, dancers and musicians. Laura has an uncanny knack of capturing your special energy and personality. She’s fun, focused, plays with you and talks to you like an acting coach while you’re being shot. Her pics make you pop off the page.

Like other photographers out there, her regular rates for her services are pretty competitive. With 3-4 hour sessions running $300-$575. However, it’s her Power Hour that is the bargain. You’ll get up to 4 looks for $225. You get one hour, one location (with more than a few choices), one hundred shots.

The deal is you have to be super prepared before you go in. It’s a fast session. You have to know what you’re going for. We had to plan out makeup, hair and wardrobe changes that were quick and easy to achieve within that time frame. Laura can help you via email w/ wardrobe choices and there is lots of good advice on her website.

We’ve taken new shots for our daughter every year for the past 4 years. We’ve used Laura twice and each time the pictures were phenomenal. My daughter has booked more jobs off her pics than any of the other photographers we’ve used.

Laura color corrects and sends your proof off to Reproductions where they make it easy to pick and choose your favorites and share with friends and agents. She can also retouch for you if needed. Everything, except the actual photo session is done on line

Great shots, good price, fun photographer and easy access to proofs makes Laura Burke photography a great choice for head shots.