Imperfect Foods

April 2, 2018

We eat a lot of veggies and fruit at my house and tend to over buy, having to throw out produce that has turned.

Having a lemon tree in our yard. I’ve learned that most times, the lemons that are not the normal size or shape or have skin imperfections are actually perfectly fine … or shall I say “perfect” to use. I imagine that this is true with other imperfect fruits, vegetables and food product.

So I signed up for weekly veggie deliveries from

This ultra easy to navigate site has a choice of different boxes in different sizes as well as an Organic box choice. We tried the smallest veggie box first.

Our box arrived on our porch with a fresh bunch of Spinach, a fresh bunch of Cilantro, 4 white potatoes, 3 yellow onions, 4 tomatoes, and an acorn squash. Never had an Acorn Squash before. The Box came with a guide to storing your fruits and veggies too, which is very handy. Couldn’t really find any flaws with the produce, except that the onions were smaller than the norm.

After doing the math, when you include the shipping, the initial savings only came out to a couple of dollars if you shop at Ralphs, somewhat less if you shop Trader Joes and if you buy your produce at 99 Cent Only stores, you’re losing money… Don’t know yet if that’s true for every box especially if you customize your order.

Some of the benefits of delivery do out weight the meager savings.
First, the time savings alone has value. We will at least save one trip to the store every week.
Secondly, we will always have vegetables in the house, though we may not be familiar with how to eat or cook some of them.
Lastly, this delivery forces us to try out and get creative with the new and varied produce we might not normally buy.

However we may have to focus our regular shopping around what veggies we’ve received, which could add an additional trip to the store.
We’ll have to evaluate how we utilize the vegetables, how to customize our order and if it fits well into our lifestyle and eating habits. As we try it out, we’ll discover the answers.

In the meantime, saving time and money is a good thing. Trying something new, is even better.

Visit Site: Imperfect Foods