HDTV Outlet

November 9, 2018

Want a New HDTV? Have I got a place for you!

The HDTV Outlet sells, scratch & dent, display, Out of Box, customer returns, past seasons, discontinued models and overstock TV’s from Costco & Sam’s Club. Yes, the prices here are a great deal lower than Costco, Sam’s Club and Amazon.

Completely gone over and refurbished if needed, you can save 30%-70% on new, brand name TV’s| at these small outlets. You’ll find Samsung, Vizio, LG, Sony, Sharp, Hisense, Phillips and others here from a few years old to current models.

Since our 42” Sharp TV was 13 years old and dying a slow death, the day we went in to the Pasadena location we were shopping for a new TV.

The staff here knows their stuff, will show you any flaws and guide you to the best TV for you. The owner, Armen helped us decide how big a TV we needed for our room size and location as well as showing us a broken pixel on one of the TV’s we were looking at.

Great buys include a 55” LG Super UHDTV, 4K was priced at $549.97 instead of $900. A Hisense 64” TV had a scratch on the screen, (we couldn’t see it when the TV was on), but was priced at $599 instead of $1500. A Visio 65” Smartcast 4K was $1399 instead of $2000 and a 4K, 55” Samsung was $599 instead of $900. A 48” Samsung w/ Linux, 1080p was just $300 instead of $740. It had one pixel out on the screen.

Items sell fast here, but new shipments come in weekly. They had stacks and stacks of unopened boxes, so feel free to ask for a different size or manufacturer.

The discounts were the steepest on scratch & dent older models. We walked out with a new, but older 46” Sony HD, 1080P TV for $300 instead of the original $1400 or $700 market value. There were scratches on the back, but the screen and everything else was perfect.

All TV’s come with remotes and manuals as wells as a 90 warranty from the store. Current models come with the manufacturer warranty. You can also find wall mounts, Soundbars, hdmi cables here.

This is where you shop when you’re serious about buying and saving on an HDTV!

HDTV Outlet
1934 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena , CA 91107
(626) 559-3514

Tell Armen or Niko, BargainsLA sent ya!

Locations in Moreno Valley Perris, Covina, Los Angeles, Pomona, Pasadena and Anaheim. Pasadena is the one we visited and is one of their better showrooms.