July 27, 2018

Holy Cow this is cool!
This website uses the power of group purchasing to get consumers incredible deals on the best local goods, services, and culture. Groupon features one daily deal on everything from restaurants, teeth whitening and sporting events to paintball, hypnotherapy sessions and boat tours. By requiring a minimum number of customers to sign up for each deal before it is available, Groupon uses collective buying power to negotiate jaw-dropping prices.

The way it works is that everyday they send you an email with the deal du jour. If it’s one you like, purchase it, get your friends to join in, and if enough are sold, then the savings are yours. If not, then your card isn’t charged, and you try again another day.

Recent Groupon’s in LA have been:
$50 for tickets to LA Women’s Tennis Championship on 8/8. $85 value.
$35 for $70 meal at Porterhouse Bistro
$13 Whale Watch off Newport Harbor, $30 value.

If enough people purchase, the next day you’ll get the deal via printable coupon.

Sign up through email, and every morning your inbox gets the deal of the day. You have till midnight to decide, and if the deal isn’t for you, then you always have tomorrow

Visit Site: Groupon