Grocery Outlet Bargain Market

June 21, 2017

New on the local grocery scene is the Grocery Outlet. Unlike other, so called “ Grocery Outlets”, this chain is one to take notice of. You will save up to 50% on everything.

These well-organized, clean stores have a selection that can compete with regular markets. You’ll find almost everything on your Grocery list. Well, maybe not every single brand name, but enough to make shopping here worthwhile. Which is something few grocery outlets can claim.

This company buys excess inventory and manufacturing overruns and passes the savings onto the public. OK I’ve seen that scenario more than once and it does work to lower prices.

I took Hubby with me to the Sun Valley location since he does 80% of our Grocery shopping (Ya….I know, I’m really lucky!). He has a better grasp of grocery pricing than I do.

As we walked each aisle, we both believe the comparison prices they have are from Ralphs, or other upscale markets. Not Trader Joes, Costco, or Smart & Final. But that said, the prices generally run 10%-30% off retail with more than a few at 50% off and a few items are at the same price as other stores.

Great deals this visit include Whole chicken at .89 cents a lb. 6 cans of Cranberry Sauce for $1, Chicken of the Sea light tuna in water at 79 cents instead of $1.19. Fresh Pineapples were 2 for $3. They’re currently $2.99 each at Trader Joes. Lubriderm lotion (13.5 oz) was $4.99 instead of $6-$9. Broccoli was 99 cents a lb. Organic Valley butter was $2.99 with a Buy One, get one free promo. Asparagus bunches were $1.99. Hastings Ranch NY Steak w/ seasoning was $8.99 a lb instead of $11.99. Tapitio sauce was 59 cents. Organic Coconut Oil in 16 oz was $4.99 instead of $7-$10. 4 lbs of C & H sugar was $2.29 instead of $3.29. Dave’s Killer Bread was $4.99 a loaf instead of $5.99. Peter Pan Peanut Butter 13 oz was 99 cents. Rockview, Non Hormone Milk in a half gallon was $2.29 instead of $2.99- $3.99. Large Grade AA dozen eggs were just 99 cents and there was a nice section of spices at just 99 cents. There was so much more here, but with so much product, I couldn’t write down everything!

We picked up a few things and as we went to check out I asked the checker a few questions. Turns out he was the owner of that location. When was the last time you had an owner check you out at a grocery store? Like… ah, never.

According to their site, “ To ensure that the basics – milk, meat, and eggs – are always available at Grocery Outlet, we source them conventionally, like other grocery stores. Because we cannot source these products as excess inventory, the discounts may not be as deep; however, we always price our products at or below the lowest price in town. We think it’s important to provide the basics for your convenience—this way, you save an extra trip, and you know you’re getting the best price.

I for one, really appreciate that attitude. It speaks volumes about corporate priorities. Yes, they want to make a buck. But so far, it looks to me like they put the customers interest in the forefront. How refreshing.

Each location is separately owned and operated as part of a Franchise. Sign up for email notifications to get additional savings.

Visit Site: Grocery Outlet