America’s Tire Company

August 30, 2014

By webdude AKA Kevin O’Connor:
I’ve gotta say that with the economic downturn, it seems that customer service has gone down the tubes. This surprises me, since stores need to do whatever they can to pull in customers and bad
service results in lost customers/sales. Good service has always been part of our mantra and when I get truly great service I need to let you know. Which brings up my encounter today with America’s Tire Company (a nationwide chain).

Awhile back I noticed a 3” nail sticking out of my passenger rear tire. Not sticking straight in, but at a horizontal angle. Never seen anything like it. Don’t know how long it had been there. At the back of my mind I was thinking “maybe its ok, just yank the nail”....but with a wife and kid, better check. So I of course waited a week and then decided it was time.

The tires on our Honda are Goodyear Eagles. All the tires are relativey new so I only wanted to replace one…not a set. Went to my usual, Costco, and find they do not supply Goodyear, and they can’t match just one tire. So off to America’s Tire down the street.

I am barely out of my car when I am approached by Dave, with clipboard in hand, asking how he can help. I tell him I might need a new tire to which he responds that I have four. Haha. I show him this slightly freakish nail strike and he is immediately on the ground trying to check it with a knife. It was a hundred degrees outside and he’s crawling on asphalt! He then asks me to move to a work bay where they raise my car up about 2 feet to check it better. In walks Mario, impact driver in hand. Dave finally frees the nail and the tire retains pressure but they want to make sure the radial cording wasn’t broken or the tire might eventually shred. So they measure the nail and try to imagine how far it went in. Suddenly Mario is saying “Let’s just take off the tire and check”. I’m thinking “guys I really don’t want you to go to this much trouble”. But they take off the tire, take the tire off the rim and check the inside of the tire for damage. None.

They put the tire back on, tightened the bolts and checked the pressure on all the other tires!!!! Mario tells me all is good. They then guided me back out of the bay and said goodbye. Unbelievable service. They could have lied to me and sold me a new tire. They also could have charged me for what they did, and didn’t.

What they have gained is a new customer. I checked around and their prices are competitive with Costco and their service is fantastic, so next time I will go to America’s Tire Company for my tires. Are they all like this? I honestly don’t know. But the one on Glendale Avenue in Glendale, is.

America’s Tire Company
1327 S. Glendale Ave.
Glendale, CA 91205
(818) 507-6049