Get a Harrys Shave

February 13, 2020

Razors and razor blades have become exorbitantly priced. But cheap disposable razors, in a word, suck.

I was tired of cheap, lousy shaves. But I didn’t want to spend big bucks on a razor. Of course I wanted quality, but at a discounted price. So this last month, I purchased a Harry’s Razor as a present for my husband, my daughter and myself. These are the best, quality crafted razors we have ever tried at overall savings of 20%-50% off comparable product.

The Harry’s design is simple elegance with an Ergonomic curved and balanced weighted handle design. The actual blade cartridge is German Engineered with Precision-Angled (5 blades) for a super close shave.

The Harry’s line is geared for guys. Starter sets for guys start at $15 or you can try it for free and the set include the razor handle, 4 oz shaving gel or foam, a blade cover and 3, 5- blade cartridges. They also have Shave plans that start at $6 a month.

Women can buy a la carte. The Truman Razor is $10. The Winston Razor (Metal) is $20. Harry’s Blades come in 4, 8, 12 and 16 cartridge packs running $8-$25.
To compare: A package of 4 cartridges of Gillette Proglide (4 blades) run $18-$25. The razor runs $12-$16.

Plus, after you purchase a razor, you also get to send 2 email invites to friends who can try a razor for just the cost of shipping. YAY!

If you still shave any part of your body, you’ll love this product and you’ll save money. They offer free shipping on orders over $10 in the USA. Sweet!

Visit Site: Harry’s