Carpet Manufacture’s Warehouse

May 2, 2018

Hidden from view, down an alley way in Commerce is one of the best deals in town for discounted quality carpeting, Carpet Manufacturer’s Warehouse.

This 100-year-old family run business (really!) is a one of kind gem. You’ll find savings of 30%-60% off market retail on end of roll, discontinued and closeout carpeting by Shaw and Mohawk in over 4200 roles of carpet.

A huge warehouse, you may get overwhelmed with the massive selection. But don’t sweat it… The sale help here is knowledgeable, honest and not on commission. They’ll help you find the best carpet for your needs whether it’s for an apartment, an estate, an office or a church…. All at some great savings.

Carpeting starts at 44 cents a sq ft here. You’ll find both first quality and seconds here. Stellar buys include a nylon plush apartment carpeting at $8.01 a sq. yd. including padding. Retail would be $10 a sq. yd. A heavier, 60oz nylon plush with padding was $16.99 a sq. yd instead of $30-$40 a sq yd. A Berber carpet including padding was $9.98 a sq. yd. instead of $19-$20 a sq. yd. at retail. A really nice Stain Master, 80 oz nylon plush was $29.98 a sq. yd. instead of $60 a sq. yd. Some Shaw shag, cable yarn “El Ray” carpet is $30.98 a sq. yd instead of $54-$55 a sq. yd.

They recently liquidated a bunch of carpet tiles left over from a school install. Here they were 60 cents- $2 a sq. yd. instead of $2-$4 a sq. yd. Some Commercial grade Shaw “Honor Vintage”, 30 oz nylon was $14.98 a yd instead of $30 a sq yd. They also had the new patterned Hi-low designer carpeting at $25.98 a sq. yd. instead of $45 a sq. yd and a Mohawk Cashmere Nylon (Karastan) “Tonal Charm” comes in 9 different colors and was priced here at $20.88 a sq. yd instead of $35-$40 a sq. yd. elsewhere.

Here you buy what you see. No ordering. They want you to inspect the role before they cut it and will role it out for you. They even have a platform you can stand on above the carpet as it is rolled out so you can inspect for flaws without walking on it. They simple want their customers to know what they’re buying and be happy. Love that!

When you shop here, come in with your room size and configuration, not just the square footage. They have a list of trained, certified installers that they recommend or you can use your own. But they do not do the installation. If you’re unsure if the carpet will work, you can purchase one yard at a time to take home and check with the room.

Whether you’re a carpet buying virgin or an experienced buyer, the folks at Carpet Manufacturer’s Warehouse can guide you through the process of picking your carpet so you can make an educated decision. So very, very cool.

A true gem of a place for savvy shoppers!

Carpet Manufacturer’s Warehouse
6111 E. Randolph St., Commerce, CA 90040
(323) 888-2424
Open: Mon-Sat (9am-6pm)

Check out their website for coupon savings!