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How do you find your sources?
Suzanne finds her bargain sources through online research, emailed leads, newspaper articles, recommendations, classified advertisements and simply driving around the city. Each brick and mortar store is personally visited, incognito of course. There is a heck of alot of grunt work involved, and that is why copyright law applies.

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What is a Bargain Alert?
A Bargain Alert is a one time sale where the savings are 50%-90% off.

What is a Special Savings Event?
A Special Savings Event is also a one time event but the savings are 20%-50% off.

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No. Membership and mailing list are user opt-ins. You can join either, both or not at all.

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Do you share or sell your Mailing List?
Absolutely not. Period.

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As a member, you become part of the BargainsLA community. You can comment on blogs or articles and ask Suzanne questions. The membership doubles as a way to keep spammers from posting to the site.

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No. Both are separate entities. It is your decision.

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The email address is needed in case you lose your password. A password reset will be sent to your email address.

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Can I ask Suzanne a bargain related question?
Yes, you can ask on our Facebook page
Can I copy a review and publish it in my blog?
Nope. Do not copy/publish text without permission. Copyright laws do apply. If you want to link to an article that is fine, but do not plagiarize.

How do I use the search engine?
Go to the upper right corner of any page. You search by region (Inland Empire, West LA), category (womens apparel), zip code, store name, brand, percentage of savings, phone number, area code or any combination of these to narrow the results down. There is also a “search by location” feature where you can enter an location or zipcode and search within a radius.

How do I submit my store for editorial review.
For a list of requirements go to the “Get Featured” link found on any page.

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How do I contact Suzanne for media interviews or speaking engagements?
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