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May 26, 2015


At Mr Fee Stuff, you’ll find out how to score free items from magazines, detergents and toothpaste to letters from Santa and free recreation and services. Free Samples, Deals, sweepstakes and coupons are all here!

March 03, 2015


Save on Sporting, Theater and concert events in Los Angeles, New York and other major cities nationwide

February 10, 2015


A new Hot Deal site is Similar to Woot, Living Social and the like, this national site has a bit more of a community feel with a good selection of curated deals in Southern California.

August 13, 2013


A new entertainment discount ticketing website is here…. PaveLife.

Billed as “The Premium Entertainment Market Place”, here you find local theater events at prices that range from 40%-65% off the regular price in cities like Los Angeles, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville and Central Jersey.

July 02, 2013


For those of you, like us, that like to eat out but have had to cut back because of the expense, be of good cheer.

Now thru Groupon you can reserve a spot at a high-end restaurant and receive discounts of 20%-40% on your meal.

June 04, 2013


If you’re interested in attending local “indie” theater, art, lectures and tours, a good place to look is Brown Paper
Calling themselves a Fair Trading Ticketing Company, you find cool, off the beaten track events and entertainment in dozens of cities nationwide.

April 10, 2013


Decided to call off your wedding? You’re not alone…

Nationwide, over 250,000 weddings are called off every year. What happens to the pre set wedding date, location, flowers, music etc.? Well, some of these weddings show up on Bridal

March 05, 2012


I am always looking for straight forward film and TV reviews. This often meant lengthy web searches and hard research to figure out what exactly was in a film, TV show, book or video games.

As a parent, I never bought into the line… “ all my friends have seen it.”  Or the “over reactive”, zealot parent review. I like to rely on my own judgment.

November 01, 2011

Thanksgiving Recipes and Help

Cooking this Thanksgiving? Need some inspiration? Looking for new delicious recipes, tips, how to’s and décor & entertainment ideas?

Try looking on the web.

May 12, 2010


Using coupons is always a great way to save. New on the scene, helps you pick and choose coupons from your local area all in one place. They aggregates deals, coupons, happy hours, etc,  from a variety of sources and displays the ones that are most relevant to you by populating an interactive map of your zip code.

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