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By Suzanne O'Connor is sort of like an online Costco, but with products that are sampler in size than you’d find at Costco, so you’re not buying sizes you don’t need. There’s low pricing on a slew of items from a slew of different vendors. Beauty, grocery, baby, pet, electronics, appliances, furniture, garden, household, office, home improvement, toys, clothing, shoes & accessories, home improvement, books, media and more at club savings (10%-50% off retail).

I seriously checked out clothing and household products. Both had known designer, better labels and well know brands. The pricing was below market on everything.

Plus when you buy something that is “Smart” , they’ll discount something else for you. They show you the items that bring costs down when bought together. Choose those items and watch your savings get bigger and bigger. So the more you buy the more you save. Which can be great ….or addicting.  Ya may have to rein yourself in so you don’t buy items you can’t use. I’d shop with a list.

Regular Membership is $49. They’re having a special where you get an additional 6 months free (code lessmayo).
Or you can try a free 3 month membership to see if you’d actually use it enough to warrant the $49 yearly membership fee. But you’ll need to register in order to shop.
Shipping is free if you purchase $35 or more. is a pretty easy and rather cool way to shop and save! Bookmark it.

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