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By Suzanne O'Connor

When I attended college we would all buy used text books from the bookstore or each other to save money. Now it’s easier to find books at a discount, but the books are more costly than they were in years past.

Cheapest may not have every text book listed. But they have enough of a search reach to make it the first “go to” for College bound kids.

Savings range is huge. 20%-95% and they search dozens of different sites for books by subject, title, author and list whether they are new or used and even if you can rent them.

I did a search for Anatomy, came up with a couple of dozen results. One book. Atlas of Human Anatomy came in at a price range of $34- to $49 with a retail list price of $79.

Another search for English Literature cam back with over 400 titles. I picked The Norton Anthology of English Literature: the major Authors, seventh edition. The Cheapest Price search came back with one used book at $17 instead of the retail of $66.75.

This site is a must check out for anyone with kids in school

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