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By Suzanne O'Connor

If you’ve shopped Amazon at all you’ve notice the price can change from Day to day, even hour to hour.

Hard to know when you’re getting the best price. But CamelCamelCamel tracks their pricing helping you know when to buy by tracking the items price history.

I looked up past purchases we had made on Amazon to compare.

A set of 12 Cotton wash cloths that we paid $15.99 for, ranged from $10-$69 with them averaging at around $15. A week at a Glance weekly planner that we paid $18.61 for didn’t have enough data but was now selling at $22.59. A Rug we paid $32 for was now down at $18.99. Top price paid was $40, with an average of $22…. So we paid too much.

A Kitchen Aid Artisan series 5 qt blender was on our wish list. Current price is $279.  Low was $189 and high was $349 over a 9 year period.

This site is great for figuring out if you should wait or pounce or if it’s a deal or not.

So worth the effort to do a bit of price comparison!

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