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By Suzanne O'Connor

Our 9 year Mattress is showing signs of wear. There are so many choices in queen mattresses out there. Most quality mattresses are more than $350. Anything below $350 is more than likely, garbage. Plus we’re not all that interested in that purchase at the moment.

Getting every last bit of healthy wear out of our current mattress is import to us. We had a 2” memory foam topper on top the last 3 years. But it had seen better days and I wanted a better nights sleep. If we wanted to keep our 9-year old mattress till next Fall, the topper needed replacement now. So we bought a 3” memory foam topper.

Having some life left in it, we rolled up the old foam topper and took it to the Salvation Army. Nope, they wouldn’t take it. Neither would Goodwill. Then we took it to Glendale’s recycling center. Nope they wouldn’t take it either.

It is recyclable, so why wouldn’t they take it?  Couldn’t get an answer from any of the union dudes there.

Then I looked up

Recycling of mattresses, toppers and box springs can be done and they show you where and when you can drop off at recycling centers. Looks like you can drop off every two weeks on Saturdays, so we don’t have to hang on to the topper too long.

When you’re buying a mattress, most retail stores take your old mattress.  Most cities also offer bulky item pick up. With this additional resource , you have even more choices. No reason for your old mattress or topper to end up in the land fill.

Visit Site: ByeByeMattress