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By Suzanne O'Connor

Once we became homeowners, we tightened our belts and gave up eating out so often. Funny how hard that simple luxury is to give up.  But even with cutting back on restaurant dining, we love to eat out and are always on the lookout for a special deal or coupon. makes that effort a little easier. delivers to your in box exclusive deals at local handpicked restaurants in Los Angeles & New York. They also highlight the best food-related specials that both LA and NY have to offer, including prix fixe discounts, tasting events, weekly dinner bargains and more. features both hot spots and hidden gems—some of which are new, some of which have been around for years. Plus they cover everything from the upscale to the no-frills…just as long as the place and food rock.

Once notified you’ll have 24hours to get the special pass, code for the deal. Then you have 30 days to use the code.

Recent Los Angeles deals include a 30% off dinner at Chaya Brasserie, 30% off at Sashi for dinner, Free bottle of wine at Mo-Chica, 30% off at Valentino for dinner…. and so on.

Easy free discounts on dining. Maybe we can eat out more often.
I am so there!

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