Wine Tasting on Valentines Day

February 11, 2020

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

By Suzanne O’Connor

I believe the most important thing you can do for someone on Valentines Day is spend time with them. So I’ve been pondering a romantic relaxing and fun day out with my guy.

We’ve considered:
- A picnic and a hike in the Angeles Forest.
- Whale watching or going to the L.A. Zoo
- A visit to the Grammy Museum

But as of right now, I’m thinking of nice lunch out, followed by wine tasting. If we’re drinking, we don’t want to go far. So we’re considering:

Urban Press Winery
We’ve enjoyed their lovely wines here many times. You can do just wine tasting, but they are also offering a more elaborate Wine tasting / pairing for Valentines Day
Located in DT Burbank, AMC Movie theaters and good restaurants are a stones throw away.

The Colorado Wine Company
The pours here are generous. We have gotten a bit tipsy here before so now we usually Uber or split a tasting.

But new experiences are always good so we’re also looking at:

San Antonio Winery
They have a “Love on the Vine Dinner” for $100 a person, but I’d stick with the regular wine tasting with their Artisan Flight featuring 4 select wines for $15 per person.

D’Argenzio Wines
Offers complimentary tasting in the hope that you’ll buy a glass or bottle.
Valentines Day evening they will have live music.

The Wine Blending Lab
Here you can blend your own wine in a Blending class at $55. Or just wine tasting.

If we decide to keep it simple and stay in, we’ll get a bottle of wine from Costco in Los Feliz. The Sommelier there has given us exceptional insight, advice and recommendations for wine.

Happy Valentines Day!