The Search for a New Computer

June 24, 2020

I need a new computer. I love my 2011 Mac Mini. It has never failed me. But it is so old now it can’t be updated and there is no tech support. So when the Malls opened up we headed over to shop the Apple store.

I was surprised how many people were at the Mall shopping even though many stores had not opened up yet.

And they had bags loads of stuff! People were shopping. It was like the flood gates had opened up and people could get out and shop in person… and they did. There were couples and families of all shapes and sizes shopping.  And though I couldn’t really see their faces, everyone seemed happy to be there. Social distancing was observed by most and everyone was polite as hell. Gave me some hope.

But when we got to the Apple store there was a long line to get in and an average of a 40 minute wait.  No … no and absolutely no.
I have a hard enough time wearing a mask for just an hour, hanging around the mall with a mask on for hours was unappealing at best. So we decided to research the details online.

After much research and debate with tech experts on what I actually needed in a computer… I settled on a 27” i-Mac. It has the speed, storage, 5k display I need. I went to order it online and pick it up in person, but there weren’t any available at the stores in the L.A. area.


Then, we called Apple support and boy, did they came through!
After explaining what we needed, they found us a 2020 Factory Refurbished 27” i-Mac with 8G of Ram and 2 Terabytes of storage a $350 less than buying in the store and they shipped it to us the next day. Full warranty included. Wow! Getting a deal on anything Apple is rare. Apple support was fantastic!

You can shop the refurbished section on Apple. You can save some money, but not always a lot. You’ll find the link in the bottom footer at

So we’ve gone from a Mac Mini computer workhorse to an I-Mac computer. Guess we’re moving up in the world.