The Hunt for the Perfect Spring Dress

March 4, 2020

By Suzanne O’Connor

My wardrobe is sorely lacking in Spring dresses. I have a total of Zero… None… Nada. Pathetic!

How did that happen?

I don’t wear dresses all that often and hadn’t noticed how sad my selection had become. With Easter, Summer Weddings and other events looming it was time to get busy shopping for a couple.

So I shopped Off Price DLM and found a simple, cute lace overlay peach dress by CeCe for $12.60 instead of $126. Great buy! So I bought it… but realized it would only work for less formal occasions. Still had to pick up something more formal for a fancy garden wedding this Summer.

Shopping online I found several dresses at Nordstrom’s Rack and Hautelook. Since the returns are super easy I thought I’d just buy them, try ’em on at home and keep the best one.

They all arrive at once. The mod, bright bold colors, cold shoulder dress by Laundry is a keeper. Its just too good a dress.
The dress by Calvin Klein made me feel to much like the Mother of the Bride… ya , NO. And the other dress, a bright yellow & white maxi dress by Sam Edleman just didn’t fit me right. But it fit my daughter beautifully when she tried it on…. so I gave it to her.

Still, I kept hunting. I found a dress at Nordstrom’s by Eliza J that looked awesome at $158. A maxi chiffon floral with a halter top. Bought it. I then found that same dress at Poshmark for $60 less. But again, the fit… I gotta try it on and be sure it looks great on me.

I tried on the one from Nordstroms. Looks & fits great! Returning it. I am buying the used one on Poshmark instead. I can get some cool strappy shoes with the money I save.

So now I have two “going out” and one basic Spring /Summer dresses for a whopping $139. Job done.

Now, if I want, I can hunt for Summer dresses just for fun.