The Hunt for the Perfect Rug

February 17, 2020

Monday, February 17, 2020

By Suzanne O’Connor

In a recent blog, I mentioned I’ve been trying desperately to buy a new rug to lighten up my new pad. Unlike my previous home, our new place has dark living room.

The best pricing for all rugs seems to be online. This makes me think that the advertised retail price is a bunch of phewy. A marketing ploy to help me “feel” like I am getting value. Every site, even on re-orders has the rug I want for under $400. But many say the retail is $800 +. Ya… nope, not buying it.

I find a rug I think will work at Home Depot. I buy it online. Have it delivered…. and Damn! It’s the wrong color palette. Different every so slightly from the what I saw. So I repackage it and return it to Home Deport.

I buy a different rug in a slightly smaller size from Home Depot. It arrives. Yay, the colors are perfect, but it’s too small. I return it. Again Home Depot was great on the return. However, Home Depot does not have the size I really want. I start a serious hunt.

Birch Lane has it under their private label at $315. Says the retail is $880. Amazon doesn’t have it in the size I want. Walmart has it on back order at $200 in a smaller size. Rugs Direct has it for $330, states the retail is $550. Plush Rugs has it back ordered at $321. Bed Bath and Beyond has it at $174, out of stock. Overstock has 1 left at $200 with free shipping.

I’m seriously cautious buying anything on I don’t like the company at all. But I want it soo badly! I give in, take a chance and buy it with a 2-week delivery.

It arrives. We joyfully unroll it and find it’s an irregular. Meaning it’s imperfect and damaged. The rug has bad, wavy welting that makes the rug pucker and the rug will not lie flat. So bummed.

Ready for a battle, I call Overstock and speak to a rep instead of doing an online return form, where I have to pay return shipping on a 50 lb item at $150. They were super understanding and helpful.

They sent UPS to pick up the returned rug and are now sending a new one. Free shipping both ways. Much better service than I had hoped for. Maybe my opinion of them was wrong.

Yep, we’re trying one more try. Fingers crossed!