Rug Hunting

January 23, 2020

Thursday, January 23, 2020

By Suzanne O’Connor

Alas, our traditional wool rug worked in our bright 1927 home, but it doesn’t work in our new 1960’s pad. The newer wood floors are darker here and there’s less light in our new place. A brighter, lighter rug would help lift the darkness from our living room.

So I’ve been on the hunt.

I adore these new brightly colored distressed, ultra cool, well-priced rugs that are being shown. But they are made of polypropylene.

Polypropylene is a plastic. Considered safe for humans, you’ll find it in a lot of products. Though it is recyclable, it is not widely done with only 1% getting recycled. The rest ends up in landfills and takes 20-30 years to decompose.

Well that just sucks.

Ethically, I don’t want to buy that type of product. My budget wants it, my sense of design wants it and my keen sense of fun wants it. But I won’t buy it. There is already too much plastic out there.

I am sticking to my guns and buying a quality wool rug which is much pricier than the Polypropylene.

Looking for a great price, I’ve gone to warehouse sales, Outlet stores, hunted at Estate Sales and cruised the internet extensively looking for that perfect rug.

So far, the best prices and selection has been on the internet. I tend to resist buying anything at over $200 I haven’t seen in person first. Colors tend to vary from screen to screen. Most sites accept returns, but you pay for shipping. A rug is heavy and expensive to ship. So a mistake in color choice will cost me.

However, Amazon has a decent selection of rugs that have free returns. Plus I can return to Kohls those rugs that don’t have free returns.

Now I just have to be decisive and settle on one that works with my furniture & artwork.
Like anything in life is easy!