Overstock.com BS

December 9, 2019

Monday, December 09, 2019

By Suzanne O’Connor

We wanted a new living room rug for our new abode. Our old one was too dark in the new living room.

I surfed the web and haunted local warehouse sales looking for the perfect rug. I found 3 I liked on Overstock.com. Then I waited for Black Friday when I knew the discounts should go up to 25% off their already discounted price.

I started looking on Thanksgiving, but got serious on Friday.

No one should ever spend that much time looking at rugs on the internet. I read every review, double checked their shipping polices and compared the 3 rugs to each other on multiple open Chrome browser windows.

Then this frustrating thing happened…
After I nailed down which one I wanted, the price changed according to what browser window I was on. On one window, the rug was an additional 15% off on another it was 25% off and on a 3rd it was 17% off. My “bullshit” meter went off!

I, along with thousands of other shoppers were being played. In my book, it either is or isn’t an additional 25% off. Just pick one discount and go with that. I closed all three browser windows while cursing out Overstock.

A week later they emailed me a 30% off promotion. So took another look.

They have this neat feature where you can create a favorite list. So comparing past pricing is a breeze if you have a decent memory. Every rug I liked was now more expensive.
What a hoot! The prices were $30-$40 higher than the 17% off promotion the week before.

Lies and manipulations. Bah Bye Overstock. You’re full of ####.