Fearless Holiday Shopping

November 4, 2020

Here we are. It’s now November and it’s time to get a start on your Holiday Shopping.

Many of us will be going online to shop. Between the convenience and safety, it appears to be the smarter choice. But it’s not really the best choice.

Small retail businesses, manufacturers, fashion designers and wholesalers have taken a giant financial hit this last year. Thousands of small businesses have closed or disappeared. Your support this Holiday Shopping Season may help those that remain, survive.  So I say go out and shop. Visit your neighborhood stores and discount outlets. Support local businesses.

You’ll have to be smart about it. Wear your mask, try to socially distance and use had sanitizer… but go.

You’ll more than likely, be rewarded for your efforts with some stunning discounts at Sample and Warehouse Sales and Independent Discount Outlets. Yes they will be seriously discounting.

Small businesses make up our communities. When you spend your money here, more of it stays in the community and doesn’t go to big corporate tech companies that already have the lions share.

Afraid of crowds? Don’t be.
Saving money and staying safe can happen. Most indie outlets, warehouse liquidations and sample sales are NOT getting the crowds they used to. So it’s easier to shop now and safely social distance.

Here are some healthy shopping tips:
1. For the smallest crowds, shop mid week in the mornings. Or after 7pm in the evenings.
2. Plan on using a Credit Card, ATM Card, Apple Pay or the like to pay. Paper money is a bit dirty.
3. If you must hit a larger “Box” store, go before Thanksgiving and shop mid week.
4. Wear gloves or wash your hands often. Use the hand sanitizer most stores provide.
5. Shop as quickly as you can. Try team shopping with close friends. I team shop with        
     Hubby for a quick in and out. This technique has cut down time spent in stores by 40%.            
6. Some small outlet stores have online stores, are on Offer Up or Facebook Marketplace.
     You can then shop online and pick up curbside.
7. If you still have to shop online, make your purchase before December. Delivery delays should be even greater this year.
8. When I get home, the last thing I do after shopping in public is rinse my nose with a saline spray and gargle. It may seem like overkill, but I haven’t gotten sick yet. Got that tip from a MD.

We can all save money, stay safe and healthy, while support local businesses. It’s all about the effort you make.

Go sic ‘em!