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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

When to Hit the Malls

By Suzanne O'Connor

Big stores are closing and gloom & doom predictions of retail are rampant. Most of the media and experts believe that retail store closures are caused by more people shopping on the web instead of in–store.

I believe web shopping is only part of the issue.  I also believe that stores and products are now way over exposed and have become boring. Too many stores with the same product.… not very enticing.

There are drawbacks to shopping on the web. Besides paying shipping, wait time for delivery and not being able to see the item you purchased in person. Plus I often get stiff sitting at a computer too long and neck pain from using my phone to shop. Plus the “ Blue Light” eye strain is always cause for concern.

Still, even with the convenience of the web, there are reasons to go to shop at the mall. Despite being an avid outlet, estate sale, website, sample / warehouse sale shopper, I do shop the mall and major department stores more than several times a year.

Usually I go for the following reasons:

-When I am unsure of a gift to give and want the gift to be returnable.
-When I want to try out new cosmetics lines.
-When I want to try on new & different clothes lines.
-When I want to look at new product / trends in the Market
-When I want a personal experience and better service when shopping.
-When I want a specific item.
-When I want to go to a specific store’s sale.

That said, this time of year you probably will experience parking frustrations and crazy crowds at the Mall.

To avoid parking and crowd issues I shop Wednesday mornings before 11am. Usually it’s easy in, easy out parking. Store Sales peeps are refreshed and they haven’t experienced obnoxious shoppers yet. And I can take my time shopping and browsing the stores for inspiration. PLus there are usually more markdowns mid week than at other times.

If I have to go at any other day or time, I get a ride or use Uber to avoid any parking hassles.

Though I believe there are far too many malls to shop, they still offer convenience and a varied selection of product all in one place. That’s why you shop there… isn’t it?

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