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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Valentines Hopes

By Suzanne O'Connor

Valentines Day expectations are usually over done.

In my twenties, I expected a lot from boyfriends. They had to secure dinner reservations, flowers and an expensive gift… all to validate our relationship.

During those years though, I found the thoughtful gifts to be the most romantic and memorable. The homemade dinner. The trip to the zoo. The drive along Angeles Crest Highway to catch the sunset. The picnic in the country with wine.

So, we’ve been married for a while now. Running a business together and managing the family, means romance now comes unexpectedly, spontaneously and often with laughter.

For Valentines Day, I don’t want jewelry or perfume. He doesn’t care for gifts much either. What we both want is quiet time, feeling special together.

We’re planning on a BBQ steak with scrumptious potatoes & veggies served for dinner. Flowers will be bought at Trader Joes and displayed center table. Candles will be lit.

I am planning on a good bottle of wine, some stellar chocolates, good music and cuddle time by the fire after dinner.

We keep it simple. Time together is what matters most.

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