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Friday, March 29, 2019

Those Small Purchases Add Up

By Suzanne O'Connor

As independent business owners, whenever we go thru financial dry periods, we are reminded of our small expenses. We master our expenses for awhile and then when business picks up, we forget our hard won victories. Those small $2-$5 expenses can wreck a budget.

We see the price point and thinks it’s nothing. But nothing adds up to something pretty quickly.

Trying to get our Millennial daughter to understand this concept has been difficult.
So when she joyfully bought 20, one use facial masks packets for $15, I once again pointed out the additional expense.

I can get 30 or so facial mask treatments from a single, 6 oz tube of a Freeman Beauty Product for $6.50.  Yeah, the tube is a little grungy towards the end, but that doesn’t change the fact it’s a better deal.

20 single use masks for $15 compared to 30 facial masks in a $6.50 tube….. the math is very clear. Buy buying a tube you’d be saving 75-90% on a low price on single use masks.

Another small expense we had was going out to a favorite local coffee shop to get a cup of Irish tea at $3.80 a large cup.  Then we discovered Barry’s Irish Tea at $9 at World Market for 80 tea bags.

At home, we brew 6 measured cups in a pot w/ 2 bags giving us 4 cups every morning. That’s 40 mornings of delicious Irish Tea at $9 instead of $152. We enjoy it on our back patio, a better experience than driving to the coffee shop.

For us regular folk, keeping our small expenses in check while still enjoying the product is important to our sense of well being. We don’t believe in depriving ourselves unnecessarily. But little expenses like this add up over the long term and can sabotage your monthly budget.  In tea alone, I rather bank the $150 or spend it on something more important. But a $9 box of tea for 2 months, we can easily do.

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