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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Yard Saga

By Kevin O'Connor

We are still working on our front and back yards… does one ever stop? We are converting our lawn to a dry garden. We figure the best way to save money is do as much of it as we can ourselves, take our time and propagate as many of our own plants that we can.

Last Spring we ripped out the parkway lawn and planted cactus and succulents. Late February I picked up a 6 pack of California Poppies @ $1.99 (Armstrong sale) to fill out the empty spaces in our parkway dry garden. They have bloomed and are taking over. They’ll get trimmed, reseed and eventually be pulled out this Summer.

Now we are starting to convert our front lawn. Our gardener will take out half the lawn @ $250. We’d do it ourselves, but last years efforts on the parkway took way too much time and physical labor. We’ve been propagating succulents from our back yard dry garden so we already have a bunch of plants ready, but will have to pick up some extra plants to fill in.

We’d hoped to find more at the Huntington Plant sale. But it was no where near a deal. Looks like a sale to fund raise for the Museum and Gardens. We did pick up a couple of things. But when a 5-gallon barrel cactus is $20 at the Huntington and $10 at Home Depot, we had to pass. It was at least 20% more expensive than your average nursery.

We also are doing the back patio area near my office. Passed by a garage sale and scored a vintage, wrought iron, chair for $15. We popped into World Market (we had 20% off coupon) to see what they had. Found some resin patio chairs at $63 instead of $80. So we got 2 of them… the color was perfect and matched our house trim. Also got a cushion for the wrought iron chair.

This yard conversion saga will continue over the next couple of years. Guess my days of getting my nails done are over for awhile.

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