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Monday, March 20, 2017

The End to Winter Blues

By Suzanne O'Connor

This last Winter it seems it was our families turn to be unhealthy. Normally we are all pretty healthy with no complaints. But this Winter everyone one of us either had an affliction, an injury, medical emergency or some virus constantly visiting our home leaving us tired, immobile, coughing, achy and irritable. 

Procedures were done, drugs prescribed, X-Rays and CT scans ordered, blood work done. Getting poked and prodded isn’t good for one’s disposition or your bank account. Nor some nurse asking you to find your “happy place” during a most unpleasant procedure.

Gone was our positive attitude as well as our normal joy in getting a great a deal. When prescriptions were filled, we didn’t comparison shop. Who has that kind of energy when you feel icky? All we could do is ask for a generic brand. I’m sure we paid too much.

There were bright spots in between afflictions when our energies were good and everyone was healthy and functioning. But only for a hot minute until one of us would succumb to something ridiculous.

With all the information we know, we didn’t take part in any discount shopping…. No dining coupons, off price sales or discounts programs.  We did less bargain reporting than the norm for this time of year and only hit one sale in 3 months. Unheard of.

Thankfully now, everyone, except for our poor cat, is feeling more like themselves…. Just in time for the Spring Sample Sale Season.

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