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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Slipping and a Sliding

By Suzanne O'Connor

We are so lucky to have original hardwood floors in our 1927 home. In excellent condition, I’ve ended up in charge of their care.

As a pet owner, I Swiffer as well as sweep and steam my floors pretty regularly.  I like a nice shine and walk around my home barefoot a lot, so debris free floors matter to me.

Hubby tries to find ways to help me out and while at Home Depot he spotted a new product by Swiffer. “Dust & Shine Multi Surface”.

Supposedly great on marble, leather, granite and wood, I tried it out first in my breakfast floor nook to see how it performed. Nice, clean with a better shine than my other floor products. Plus I could use it with my Swiffer.

I quickly did the living, dining and hallway. Pretty! With company coming in a couple hours, I was super pleased with how the floors looked.

Oops… BIG mistake.

Our daughter came out of her room and quickly slid on the slick floors ending up on her butt. Hubby then slid across the living room like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Yikes ! The floors were super slick!

With company coming, I didn’t have the time to steam the floors to get the Swiffer product up. When our guests arrived, I had to warn them about the floors. Everyone was taking baby steps to avoid sliding. We decided it was best to go out for dinner.

After a fun evening out, we came back and noticed that everything also squeaked on floor. All shoes … even our bare feet. Noisy and slippery!

I doubled checked the bottle and it didn’t say NOT to use it on floors.  But it should have.

So if you Swiffer dry mop, don’t use their Dust & Shine Multi Surface on your floors…. Unless you like to ice skate… or fall on your buttocks !

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