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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Scams, Lies and Dirty Tricks

By Suzanne O'Connor

Researching discounters has its ups and downs. This last week though I had more than the usual frustrations with so called “discount” retailers.

One store had huge banner ads on the outside of their building claiming 50% off retail on Closeout Furniture. Further investigation proved that it was a scam

Every piece of furniture there was visibly damaged, most un-repairable. I could only find 2 pieces, one being a Furniture of America sofa and another dining table that were even decent. With my cell phone in hand I sat down to look up that sofa piece. This indie “outlet”  lied about the actual retail claiming it was more expensive than it was. That’s to make the discounts look better. The old inflated retail scam.

As I was leaving I was approached by a well dressed, middle aged Asian women who said she give me a “special discount. I let loose and told her that their “Retail Values” were a lie … a scam, a deception and calmly added that their furniture was so damaged it should actually be given away.  Their closeouts should be thrown out. She looked stunned.

My next stop was in an area of Los Angeles I don’t much like…. A bit grungy to say the least. But the store looked like it might have promise. They had decent name brands with some good women’s designer labels in the mix all ppriced at $2-$35.

My first question after snooping around was if they have any other locations, hoping of course there was one in a better neighborhood. The women didn’t speak any English and she was the only one there. No way to find out how they get their product or store policies. Though that is her right, it makes it impossible for me to research any further and limits who would shop there. So I just left.

My last stop was an internet furniture catalog outlet store. Their website stated there was a public showroom people could shop. A deception. Only a dozen or so pieces were on the floor and you couldn’t buy any of them, only order. When I asked the front room peeps about delivery times and manufacturers they became vague sending me to a person in a dark office in back.  She wouldn’t get off the phone to talk to me after I waited 5 minutes. 

Why say you have a showroom and not really have a showroom? What’s the point? I couldn’t see their advantage of the deception. Seems so incredibly stupid. I left there frustrated and angry, too tired and stunned at their stupidity to grill them further.

I spent $10 in gas, 3 hours on the road and had nothing to show for it. Well, except for the reminder that there is a lot of deceptive business practices out there. Heck of an outing.

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