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Monday, February 15, 2010

Re-Purpose, Re-Claim and Recycle the Old

By Suzanne O'Connor

I hate to throw things away …. But I also hate to keep things I don’t need and have too much stuff.
Re-using and re-purposing the old is one of the best bargains around. Not only do you usually get higher quality goods but you’ll save money and keep stuff out of the landfill.

Recently, after this last move, our home furnishings needs, color pallet and room arrangements all changed.  The sofa we had didn’t fit in our new living room. My daughter’s dressing table is now in our room. The lamps & lighting we had didn’t work and so on.

We decided to re-purpose much of this instead of throwing it all away.. We had saved some of our family’s old furniture, storing them in our garage and now found these pieces would work better than what we already owned. Doing so saves us money, is good for the environment and the local economy

An old kids storage chest almost made it into the dumpster when we cleaned out our garage. But I salvaged it and am now sanding and re-painting it to re-use in our daughters room.  An old petticoat side chair as well as a love seat, both previously belonging to my mom had been saved and are now being re-upholstered at Valley Upholstering in Northridge. Recovering and re-using them also keeps good local labor employed.

An old bookcase, also originally ready for the trash heap, has been repainted and placed in our office to hold all our manuals. My husbands old teak desk as well as our super comfortable designer are both being used now in our media room. As we start digging up our yard, much of the cement will be re-purposed for small walls and landscaping. The old bricks out of our re-built chimney will also be used in landscaping.

During our renovation we had lots of extra stuff we couldn’t use or re-purpose in any way. If our hard working contractor didn’t want it, we gave it to the Goodwill or Salvation Army. Nothing that is usable is ever trashed.

Instead of tossing stuff out, think about re-purposing each item for a better use. You’ll save more money in the long run.  If you can’t come up with a new use, sell it or give it away. Remember that your used items can help someone else out a lot in these tough economic times.

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