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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Renovation Saga Continues

By Suzanne O'Connor

OMG! The kitchen is just one series of repairs.

The recent dishwasher install meant we had to drill a hole to put in an air intake. This revealed that the wood under the kitchen counter wasn’t wood but was an old Formica counter top (laminate on press board). Further inspection revealed it was rotted away.

After weighing the costs of fixing it, new wood laid down with the entire counter tile re-set, we opted for a new kitchen counter. I am not a fan of tile on a counter top, even ultra-cool retro tiles. I don’t like having to clean the grout every week.

Since we had to re-counter the kitchen I wasn’t gonna hang with the current sink either. Though it was fine, the kitchen sink had a big worn porcelain spot. So it was off to look at counter tops, slabs and sinks. With a move in date of 1/25, we needed to hurry.

Hubby took on finding the sink while I set out to get the counter top. I went to my favorite off price tile & flooring guy National Flooring Liquidators. Here’s where I looked at dozens of natural stone and fabricated stone counter tops. Most at 20%-35% below market.

Of course I fell in love with the Caesar Stone. … it was one of the most expensive.  I asked the in-store dealer, Alfred to bring some samples to the house to check colors and have Hubby see it along with his best price quote he could give us. The fabrication can add a lot to the cost.

I did my homework that night. I learned about the history, green components, superior durability, ease of cleaning of Caesar Stone and that a slab and counter fabrication could run me near $3000 for just the one counter top.  OMG! What had I gotten myself into?

While we waited on the quote for the Caesar Stone hubby nailed down a great deal on a top of the line sink. After going to over a dozen outlets and home improvement stores he got the guys over at Pacific Sales (the kings of overprice!) to give him a deal. After he balked at the $520 price for a CECO porcelain under-mount cast iron sink and started walking out, they said they could give him the contractor’s price of $350.  He went for it. After my initial shock, I realized what a great quality sink it was and how it would out live the two of us.

Now if we can get a great deal on the Caesar Stone, we may be able to do this without using our credit cards…. Although it will be rice and beans for dinner for awhile.

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