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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Organizing a New Space

By Suzanne O'Connor

So we sold our home and moved into, what we hope will be a just a year or two rental in a cool little Bungalow House.
But we’ve been spoiled. Most rentals don’t have great closet space or upgrades many homes have. Our new places closet space is, in a word….awkward. The blinds are from Home Depot, the electrical is older and the tile counters are original 1960’s.
So we’re making adjustments and fixing a few things we can fix. This cute bungalow doesn’t have a linen closet or utility closet. So we set out to remedy that with shelving in the larger coat closet.
I first checked all my discount outlets and Craigslist for free standing bookshelves I could just insert into the closet. Spacing constraints nixed those choices and left me with IKEA.
I hate and love Ikea. Generally speaking, we avoid shopping there…ever. But with the space I had and the shelving I needed, IKEA Kallax shelving solved the problem. After 2 hours roaming the never ending store, we brought home the Kallax shelving and took 2 hours to put it together. The Kallax shelf unit gave me the depth and shelving I needed for sheeting storage and cleaning products.
But we also had the towel storage to figure out. There was lots of space in the bathroom cabinets but not enough for my big fluffy towels. So a trip to Lowe’s had me grab 2, Closet Made 3 shelf, white storage cubes. After an hour putting it together, my towels have a new home.
Since we are a height challenged couple, a lot of the cabinet space in our large and cute vintage kitchen is unusable for us. Thankfully we held onto to our wooden kitchen cart. But we still needed more usable storage we could actually reach. We bought a white, wainscotting Pantry cabinet on sale at Wayfair. That took us 5 hours to put together. Sheesh!
Now everything is in reach and has it’s place. Organization feels good.
Of course, having now been spoiled, I hated the cheapie, shaky towel rods and the cheapie, plastic toilet seat. So we bought new, better quality ones (Lowes) and also got a pretty shower curtain (Hautelook) and rug (Ross) to upgrade the bath.
Most of this stuff we can take with us when we leave. It wasn’t really frugal of us to spend an additional $460 on a rental. But since we live and work here right now, a small investment makes us feel like we have a home.

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