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Monday, January 08, 2018

New Home Project

By Suzanne O'Connor

The New Year always has me busy with both business and household projects. After getting my home and office re-organized for the new year, I’m once again reminded of the projects I need to start.

First home project, recovering the dining room chairs. Those poor upholstered seats took a beating during the Holidays. Wine spills, Gravy spills, the Cranberries, OY!

The upholstery is 8 years old and is not cleaning up well. So I started my hunt for the perfect fabric at the perfect price.

This is an inherited, 100 –year old, Sheraton style dining set. Dark, inlaid Mahogany wood. Very clean lines, but still antique.  I take a picture on my phone so I can hold it up to fabric I like to see if it works with the wood.

I head out and shop Designers Fabrics Warehouse, inside and adjacent to Off Price DLM. I find a couple of upscale fabrics I really like and take a swatch to bring home. Thousands of bolts of gorgeous upholstery fabric here, most priced between $9-$13 with a few up at $30-$50 a yard. This is true warehouse shopping.

Then I head to Luxury Fabrics and Home Fabrics Inc, both on Wall St. in DTLA. Both are amazing places to shop with thousands of fabrics.  At Home Fabrics Inc., the best deals are always upstairs.  So I go there first and find a great fabric at $6 a yd instead of $24! After taking a swatch I head a couple doors down to Luxury Fabrics and also head upstairs. Luckily I find they are having a sale and fabrics that were $16-$30, were marked at $9-$13, are now just $2.95 a yard!  What a steal! I take several swatches convinced I’ll have made a decision before dinner. At just $2.95 a yard, my 6 chairs will cost only $18 in new fabrics ….Yay!

But after I get home and put the fabric swatches on the chairs and ponder which one I like more. I decide to get on the internet to look around and discover an unbelievably gorgeous fabric by Robert Allen. Retails at $180 a yard, but was discounted to $32 a yard, but they have a 5 yard remnant at $87.

Damn.  Damn Damn…. it’s PERFECT! At least it is in the pictures online.

I’m having them send me a swatch… I actually paid $11 for a swatch. Felt stupid paying for a swatch. But I have to know.

My other fabric swatches don’t look near as good now. So I’m in a holding pattern until my swatch arrives.  Geeze!

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