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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Like Pulling Teeth

By Suzanne O'Connor

So many brands, particularly higher end are very protective of their image…. Or branding. Very understandable, logical and necessary on their part. I have no problem at the retail level.

But then, like all manufacturers they have overstock, overruns or samples they need to unload and that’s when they seek me out.  I ask them questions they don’t want to answer. I ask the discount levels, price points at the sale, examples of savings, what season, if they’re damages, what size range etc. And they don’t want to say.

Even after I explain why I need that information and how it helps bring people to their sale, they still are stingy with more than just the basic information. I get it.  You’re a famous, luxury brand. Really I do. And I don’t agree.

Here’s the thing.  Bargain shoppers and Sample Sale shoppers are a completely different animal from your boutique, retail mall shopper. We are willing to go out of our way, to industrial, funky areas when we know what we’ll be getting and what we’ll be saving.

Considering that you can get many of these higher end brands online at Flash Sales sites, why would any of us go to a local sale if we don’t know how much we’d be saving or what will be at the sale?

Since Southern California is a driving nightmare, parking sucks and the cost of living is high, I think knowing what you’re going out of the way for, is important.

Sadly, I am often left with just basic information. Sometimes I will publish without details, especially if I have been to the sale before. Sometimes I won’t.

I promise to always do my best to get all the information so I can publish accurately.

Sometimes though, it’s like pulling teeth.

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