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Monday, September 09, 2019

Home Sale Adventure

By Suzanne O'Connor

With our daughter moved out, we’d been pondering the sale of our home this Summer but knew we had to make the house sparkle to get the price we wanted. Getting it back in shape mattered to our bottom line.

We decided to get busy fixing the house back up to where it should be. The needed vacation would have to wait.

Having redone all the home systems recently including air, electrical, copper piping, roof & foundation bolting, we got busy on the eye appeal of the house.

The list was extensive:
Painting… lots and lots of touch up painting! Both inside and outside. Basically every room and every window got touched up or repainted. We were thrilled when the 10 year old Behr paint from Home Depot still matched the walls! That made things a bit easier. Since we treat our garage like a garage, it needed cleaning and touch up. The Laundry room got cleaned out and repainted. The storage shed was cleaned out and organized. Our front door lock got replaced. Our arched living room ceiling was patched and repainted. The 1927 tile floor in the bathroom got restored and repaired. The tub was re-glazed by professionals. Our offices got spruced up. Our garden cactus needed trimming so my hubby and I did that and the driveway and porches all got pressured washed.
The bedrooms were repainted by professionals as were all the exterior windows and trim. I touched up or repainted all the interior trim. We also polished all our hardwood floors. Doing that ourselves alone saved us $700!

The place looks so great now we wondered why we waited so long to do it.

We had two weeks of garage sales to get rid of all the stuff we had accumulated and gave all the excess cactus cuttings to our neighbors.

By painting so much ourselves we saved at least $2000. But painting is seriously exhausting and messy. I had to bring in a cleaning crew in to help me finish up.

Happily the garage sales pulled in $2600 which paid for part of the $4500 costs of sprucing up the place.
All our hard work paid off with huge turn out for the Open House with 4 offers well over asking!

Hoping for some R & R in October before the full Sample Sale Season kicks in. Thinking about wine tasting and a spa vacation.

We’re thoroughly exhausted from the prep, the open houses, the packing and moving experience.
We’re settling into our new, somewhat smaller abode and are super grateful for a great sale with an amazing realtor….Kendyl @ Diggs in Glendale

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