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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Heck of a Deal

By Suzanne O'Connor

We needed a floor lamp for our living room. We actually have needed one for 7 years. But I’m picky. I wanted a wrought iron, Spanish styled floor lamp to go with our 1927 Mediterranean home.  I have found a few over the years but they were too ornate and I didn’t want to pay what they were asking.

While I was cruising the, I found one that looked perfect. It had nice elegant scrolls, yet clean lines with a Torchiere reflective bowl. Bidding started at $1. Since it was being auctioned locally, I could go pick it up and not pay shipping. More savings!

I am cautiously cheap and bid $2 with a maximum of $20. I don’t like risking money when I haven’t seen the item in person. Having bid on Ebay before I knew I could easily be outbid, but thems are the breaks and I was willing to lose the auction.

Surprisingly, no one else seemed to be interested. That is until day 5 of the auction when it went to $4. I though perhaps the bidding would escalate at the very end.  Though it did on many other collectible items… my floor lamp was ignored.

I received a lovely little email / text informing me that I had won the Torchiere Floor lamp at $4 plus 35 cents for tax.  Wow! They had my credit card on file,  but I could also pay when I picked it up on Monday. How nice.

So my big bargain buy of the week is a $150-$250 Torchiere Floor lamp for $4. Ya baby! Zannee strikes again!

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